Friday, September 2, 2016

What (Pink) Style! She's a Rock Star!

Mom is Indiana now with Jim and will be up there for a month or longer; Jim will be in hospital three to four weeks, albeit he's determined to prove the doctors wrong and get out of there sooner. Knowing how stubborn he is, I'll not be the least bit surprised if he does just that.

He did require an epidural for the pain yesterday, he's breathing on his own but wasn't able to take deep breaths until after the epidural; it was just too painful. They had him up in a chair briefly yesterday and for nearly an hour today... not bad for a guy who had a 15 hour surgery Tuesday night/Wednesday morning! 

Wish I'd seen his face when Mom's best friend, Judy, picked her up at the airport and when Mom walked into Jim's room. Heck, I'd have loved seeing the expression on stranger's faces when she walked through the airport, etc... She decided to give everyone a little surprise and asked me to help her with it, so before heading to the airport I did this:

Pink highlights around her face! 

I'll likely be MIA over the holiday weekend (Labor Day here in the States) but fingers crossed things slow down a bit after Monday; I miss everyone. Be safe and well, till soon!


  1. I love Pink the singer and the Pink of your Mom's new hairstyle! I'm sure having her with him will help your brother's healing.

  2. So sweet - that pink hair must have cheered him up.

  3. I love your mama's new style - and of course Jim was thrilled and surprised.
    Glad to hear such positive news.
    Look after yourself. Hugs.

  4. Your Mom is a fun lady; now I know where you got it. ;-)

  5. Love the pink highlights and I'm glad to hear Jim is doing so well.

  6. Great style, those pink highlights! Good for you and her. So happy to hear Jim is doing so well so fast. 15 hours under the knife, what a miracle, so happy he's made it through. Onward to Infinity!

  7. I'm sure your mother's highlights were highlights in Jim's life at present...they would've brightened things up a bit! :)

    I hope his good, positive progress continues....I'm sure it will with you lot around him; nothing will stop him! My best wishes to your brother. :)


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