Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Flying By

On my way to bed, working tomorrow.

Man am I tired. What the hell happened to starting out part time??? I'm already into overtime and working the bakery on my own and it's still two days from my two week mark! Work is good, getting paid for work is even better, but I'm seriously not sure I can keep up this pace; there were a number of excellent reasons for me wanting to work part time, at least for a while.

Ah well, today was good. Had the day off and took Mom out to eat at Olive Garden (her choice) for her birthday/3 years cancer-free celebration. Think she enjoyed her meal?

Picked her up some new puzzles, since she's rather fond of jigsaws.

A bird wall-hanging and a showy plant. (Kalanchoe)

My sincere apologies for not getting around to everyone's blogs; by the time I get home I'm too whipped to do more than eat, shower, and fall in bed. Frankly, if Mom weren't cooking I'd be too tired for the eating part. I am thinking of everyone.

Oh! The kidling has a new, better-paying job!

Until next time! Have some music.


  1. You, your mama and the kidling are heaps more important than blogs.
    Glad to hear that you are ok(ish).
    Take care - and hugs.

  2. It seems they tossed you in at the deep end, but if you are already coping at less than two weeks, it will become easier as routine and muscle memory kick in. You'll do well once everything "clicks".
    Your mum looks like she is enjoying the meal. I've heard about The Olive Garden on TV sitcoms, is it a nice place to eat?

  3. It sounds like you've got the tiger by the tail; jumped aboard the merry-go-round and can't get off! Don't wear yourself too thin...rest up at every chance. :)

  4. And furthermore....my apologies...I'm a bit behind in catching up with blogs...I missed your birthday.

    A very Happy Belated Birthday to you. :)

  5. A pensive looking Cranky :-) I've got a big one, a big jigsaw. Too big for us. Does your mother like large jigsaws? Like 2,500 pieces.

  6. Wow never worry about us out here and for myself not working I am tired just listening to how hard you are working. Take care of you. Congrats on your Mom celebration that is a great thing. New job more money sounds wonderful for kindling. Make sure to sleep....and dream. A bakery well now I am hungry. Hugs B

  7. I hope the job settles down and becomes more manageable for you soon.

  8. It takes a while to get the stamina back. Don't despair, and enjoy falling in bed!

  9. Well, I hope work eases off soon! There's more to life than "eat, sleep, work, repeat."

  10. Real life beats blogging indeed. Have to do that first. Getting paid is always good too lol

  11. That's how I feel a the end of the day, tired..night are too short. Rest well, take it easy on the job.

  12. I totally understand. Sometimes you're just too tired to lift a fork to your mouth! Rest up. I know it seems with every "part-time" job I have every had...EVER...they always go full time. I guess you have to stand your ground.

    Cindy Bee


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