Friday, May 6, 2016

All the Pretty Pictures

Why yes, the post is a bit photo-heavy tonight.

First, the Sebring Diner, where Mom and I had lunch today:

Good diner food, great service and reasonable prices. Can't beat that.

Last weekend we took a short drive to the town of Lake Placid, (not the one located in New York state) which has the nickname of Town of Murals.

This tidy little cathouse was up for sale...

Still working on my little tale; it suddenly struck me that I'd begun the story in the middle and needed to rectify the situation. It may, in fact, end up not being as short a tale as I'd originally intended. Ah well, at least I'm back in the swing of things.


  1. Photo heavy? Not so but far otherwise oh best beloved.
    Looking forward to reading your story in the fullness of time.
    So much.

  2. The murals are really nice!
    The diner looks nice too. I've only seen TV diners and they don't always look so good.

  3. It was to our disappointment that we never came across an authentic diner in New York and certainly no waitress like Debbie Novotny.

  4. The cat would enjoy the cat house I'm sure lol can't beat a good diner.

  5. "Vive le Swing" has jump-started my morning! Not only is it a great song, the music video is edited extremely well! Love it!

  6. The murals are terrific. :)

    Now I'm feeling a little is getting close to my lunch time!!

  7. What did you have for dinner at the diner? I couldn't help myself asking that.

  8. Love all the Murals! We usually visit Lake Placid in the summer - the one in NY state tho! It is close to our camp in the Adirondacks ... fun to stroll the streets there, but a tad touristy for my taste.

  9. I love when a tale takes a life of its own and ends up way longer than expected. Good luck with it! And I love a good mural. Those are all really cool, especially the cat house... which beats the typical, sleazy 'cat house' any day.

  10. If that cat house isnt a sign of a writing prompt , then i dont know what one is :D

  11. Nice photos and thanks for the snippet into your writing process. :-)

    Greetings from London.


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