Monday, April 25, 2016

Getting Back To It

It's time, and more than time, to get back to writing... can't improve if I don't do it. These are the prompts I'll be working from this time:

"But the wildest of all the wild animals was the Cat. He walked by himself, and all places were alike to him." - Rudyard Kipling

That's right, friends and neighbours, I'm including a verbal prompt this time!

And a few more photos, just because...

A flower to brighten your day.

Classic 30's - 60's Florida architecture.

Sun and sand on the gulf coast.

A strong woman in a moment of fragility.


  1. Sure got a lot to work with this time and the cat one tops it for us.

  2. That's your mum taking a nap? She looks peaceful.

    1. That's my mum, yes, and a wee, bitty woman she is, too. It makes her look very fragile when she's napping like that - awake, she can make grown men cry. ;-)

  3. I signed up with the right google account this time, (I think). So now I can follow you properly! Love the cat facing the storm from the white line. Love sun and sand, wish I had some of both right now.


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