Sunday, May 15, 2016

Going For A While

I've tried keeping up, I really have, but there have been life changes of late which have been both biggish and ouchish. Not being melodramatic, but they require adjusting to and it's become rather imperative that I find a job. So, I'll not be here nor on Facebook nearly so much.

I hope time sees you well and happy.

Friday, May 6, 2016

All the Pretty Pictures

Why yes, the post is a bit photo-heavy tonight.

First, the Sebring Diner, where Mom and I had lunch today:

Good diner food, great service and reasonable prices. Can't beat that.

Last weekend we took a short drive to the town of Lake Placid, (not the one located in New York state) which has the nickname of Town of Murals.

This tidy little cathouse was up for sale...

Still working on my little tale; it suddenly struck me that I'd begun the story in the middle and needed to rectify the situation. It may, in fact, end up not being as short a tale as I'd originally intended. Ah well, at least I'm back in the swing of things.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Mission of Mercy

With a side of crispy feet.

I committed one yesterday, when I spotted this little guy/gal *ahem* hotfooting it across the tarmac and pavement. A mission of mercy that is.

It was 90+ F. here yesterday; close enough to 33 C. as to make no nevermind, as the saying goes, and this tortoise (a gopher tortoise I think) was racing across the road and drive, but not quite making it to the grass. I, being of the fools rush in breed, hurried over to help. Shoes? Forgot all about 'em, hence the crispy feet. Still, I'm sure his gratitude more than made up for my discomfort . . .

Doesn't that wee face just radiate good will, gratitude and stick a body part close enough and I'll bite it off for ya! (No, I didn't just take photographs, I nudged him gently into the grass whilst staying clear of the bitey end.)

Remember my pet cherry tomato plant? If you look closely at this photo, you'll see it has tripled in size. Little blooms are forming as well. This makes me happy. Obviously, it doesn't take a lot to make me happy.

The tomato plant is second to the right of the steps, it started out like this:

In other news, I definitely have a primary care doctor now, huzzah! And today, I'm putting in job applications. Wish me luck.