Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Personal Challenge #5 - A Paler Shade of White*

*The post title is not the title of the piece which will result from the photos.

To encourage myself to continue writing, to explore varied genres and emotional tones, I've decided to begin selecting disparate images every week. (Usually two, but sometimes more or less.) The goal is to concoct a short story which connects the images in some fashion and publish the tale on Friday; you are more than welcome to participate.

There are two photos to work with again, as well as a feeling that this will be a sadder tale than is my normal wont; the sadness isn't written in stone, just a hunch...

The first photo, 'Snow':

And more snow...

And a little music whilst you're cogitating...


  1. Oooh.
    I am loving the challenges you are setting yourself and look forward to seeing just where these images take you.

  2. A deserted house, I guess. Australia has deserted houses but ours are usually very modest and about to collapse into the earth.

  3. Procol Harem! Thanks for the music. Looking forward to a new story.

  4. I think that's my Sissy. Wait. No. There is some mascara missing.

  5. Snow peed on all the white snow and it disappeared forever, the end lol

  6. I like the dog snow way better than the weather snow :)

  7. I've never liked A Whiter Shade Of Pale, I just don't understand the lyrics. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I just tune out when I hear it.
    I like your images, can't wait to see where they take you.

  8. I liked Procol Harum and "A Whiter Shade of Pale". I think I still have the LP with the song on it somewhere around here. It brings back good memories of a good time in my life. There was a lot of great music being produced around that era.


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